Dental Practice Email Marketing

Grow Your Practice and Connect with Your Patients

If you’re only sending patients emails from your practice management system as reminders and follow ups to their appointments, you’re missing a great opportunity to connect and educate them about your other services.

Our Email Marketing Program builds an important connection with your patients that they’ll look forward to each month. We tap into the power of email and patient’s behavior of checking their inbox– nearly 90% of people do so at least once a day. This connection directly results in booking more appointments, scheduling consultations for procedures, and an increase in referrals, leading to an increase in revenue.

Monthly Email Includes:

  • Branded email design showcasing your team, office personality, and excitement
  • Featured and relevant oral health topics
  • Doctor’s note to patients discussing topics
  • Highlights of corresponding treatments with links to your website
  • Practice activities, events, and office updates
  • Make appointments online
  • Featured staff member
  • Links to relevant content on practice website
  • Segmented patient lists to address specific topics
  • Direct links to review sites
  • Optimized for mobile

We’ll keep your practice top of mind with your patients, encourage them to make appointments, and engage them with relevant, interesting, and timely content.

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