What We Do

There are a lot of vendors that focus on channels and ad sales. There are email marketing companies. There are social media consultants. There are directories (all of whom start with the letter “Y”). And, finally, there people who sell search ads. Frankly, if there is any one thing you’ve noticed as a small business, there are a lot of sales people. And each one claims to have the best solution for your business.
Our approach is simple. We look across the online world to determine where your customers are, and we talk to them. We focus on customer acquisition, retention, and monetization through email, search and social media. We have a proprietary platform that we’ve built specifically for you. This is all we do, and we’re fiercely devoted to helping you grow your business.
We could put a lot of  colorful logos on this page to demonstrate the breadth of our reach. Email marketing. SMS marketing. Facebook. Twitter. Yelp. Pinterest. But we’re not about logos and buttons. We’re about results.  In fact, we think these companies represent an exciting opportunity for small businesses. We’re here to help you realize the promise of that opportunity. We increase foot traffic and loyalty.